RED WHITE and BLUE Freedom Riders

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****Due to decreasing membership and lack of interest ***

The Red, White and Blue Freedom Riders will now be run by the founder Rich Sambenedetto.

Rides will be 1st two Sundays of the month and last two Saturdays.They will meeting at the Villas Wawa 9:00 am.

Kick stands up at 9:30 for mystery ride.

Any Questions please contact Rich Sambenedetto at 889-2155


FOR NEW ST. LOUIS, MO. MEMBERS: CONTACT DAVE MIKLICH @..................?.................

Who Are The Red, White and Blue Freedom Riders?

           The Red, White and Blue Freedom Riders Motorcycle Club started with eight riders in March of 2002. The Club's founders were inspired to form the group after the events of 9/11 to support victims of that tragedy and other needy causes in Cape May County. One of our  former members, Gerry Grant, was instrumental in saving lives in New York City on that fateful day. Since then the club has grown to date with a membership of over 50 riders from all walks of life that have one other thing in common: they love to ride.     The club colors show an eagle holding a spoked motorcycle wheel, a police badge and a medical caduceus on the background of a firefighters’ emblem. RWBFR FOUNDER, retired firefighter, and past President Richard Sambenedetto promotes riding safety by offering a course for beginning riders instructing them in safe riding techniques. 

   You may ask, why would Cape May County need yet another motorcycle club? Well, here’s just a short list of causes the club has already supported in the past, We held a Scavenger Hunt for Breast Cancer Awareness .We also had a Bike Wash which the money raised went  to Matt’s stocking .  Several members Participated in other runs such as  Annual Cape May County Benefit Motorcycle Poker Run For The Turtles, helping our county turtles cross the roads and supporting environmental conservation at the Wetlands Institute and in our community. Also we did a run for Autism which started in Camden and ended in Atlantic City. We had the privilege of helping on open day at the Vietnam Vets Museum Cape May County Airport. We did a run to Trenton for Motorcycle Awareness. LOOK TWICE SAVE A LIFE! We were at national night out handing out water. Some of our member took part in the Lower Township haunted hayride. We also did many other rides too many to mention.



Safety Officer- Club Founder Rich Sambenedetto (Sambo) & ALSO, INTRODUCING: THE NEW PRES. OF THE ST. LOUIS, MO. CHAPTER, Dave Miklich.Laughing

Click here for a tribute to the Pledge of Allegiance and the Red, White and Blue

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Our riders are asked to follow a couple of simple rules. To ride as a team, the lead rider will start to his LEFT in the driving lane. Then TWO(2) seconds Later the 3nd Rider will be directly behind the 1st rider in the Same Lane. In order to survive on the Open Road, your motorcycle riding habits and techniques must be constantly thought of as "DEFENSIVE". When you ride in Our Group, your actions not only affect you, but the other riders as well. Therefore it is important to recognize and remember that riding with the RED WHITE & BLUE FREEDOM RIDERS is a "TEAM" effort. To be Safe, you must rely on the cooperation of all the riders in your group. If you are new to TEAM RIDING, then ask questions or ask the President for a training booklet. You will find that TEAM RIDING can be most enjoyable